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That’s tough and it’s something that I don’t think you ever really get used to. There is a considerable amount of the population of the internet that seems to be kind of obsessed with you at times, and I’m curious how you handle that. I’ve built up certain walls of protection around myself, and if something gets too out of hand, if some fan, or listener, or viewer, gets a little too familiar, you just have to shut that down.

It’s hard, because when we talk to people online we feel like we know them.

Eventually, my boss was like, ”Hey, you should really give this video thing a go. Write a script for yourself, get on camera, see how it feels, see if you like it.” And I did.

Tekzilla on Revision3 (now Discovery Digital), was really fun for me.

The Sword and Laser, the sci-fi fantasy podcast that I’ve been doing for the last eight years, has fans that have been listening since day one and they still contribute, and they still talk at the forums, and they still call in. For me personally, my biggest issue has just been dealing with rejection, because I have tried to do so many projects.

But it was that opening door, that opportunity to get in on the ground floor.

It was a look at the technology and science in media.

Comic books, video games, TV, film—how accurate were they?

So I put my resume in, got the callback, and went in for an interview.

I showed them I could edit audio and work production, and got the gig. It was like white papers and audio from board meetings and things like that.

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We had computer classes at school, but it wasn’t that time yet where people were really like, ”Oh, yeah. So I got to San Francisco—I moved out here with two girlfriends, and we shared a tiny apartment and I lived in the living room, and slept on a mattress on the floor like everyone does at some point in their life.

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