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I'm interested in why some people like dating multiple people at a time and others only focus on one. Dear Reader, As you’ve probably noticed, the expectation in most cultures and societies is for individuals to be romantically involved with only one person at a time. Or maybe it's survival of the fittest- don't stop on one until you're officially locked down?I should also note that some individuals simply feel like they can love multiple people at the same time, a practice known as polyamory.In terms of what the scientific research has to say, you were on to something when you mentioned “survival of the fittest.” The field of evolutionary psychology thinks it is a natural human tendency to desire multiple partners, particularly if you are a man.I find the field of evolutionary psychology frustrating and not helpful in our progression towards equality for men and women.I can certainly appreciate your concerns about the limitations of evolutionary psychology, and I should point out that nowhere in this article do I say that it is THE explanation or the only explanation for why some people report greater desire for multiple partners.Like us on Facebook to get our articles delivered directly to your News Feed.

While that does not necessarily represent every single group of people in the entire world (which no scientific research ever does), it is about as close to a worldwide sample as I have seen in an academic paper.

They want more partners for short term relationships and the same social stigma for women being sexual is not an issue.

You also back up the rusty stereotype that 'by nature' men want to spread their genes.

In the article you say, "Research from around the world has shown that men have significantly greater desire for “sexual variety” (i.e., having a lot of different partners) over the course of their lives than women." First of all, this comment is way too general.

As social scientists, it's dangerous to throw around broad statements like this. Second of all, could it be that men saying they want more sex and more partners has less to do with biology and more to do with the fact that due to societal constraints, women are not allowed to have/show these feelings, while men are encouraged to have them?

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This probably stems from the fact that marriage (which is almost universally defined as a union of two people) is frequently promoted as the “ideal” relationship state we should all be striving for.

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