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Until finally, he’s either just texting her in the middle of the night or not at all.

He might respond to her politely — even though the guilt has started to set in.

They didn't fight a lot and communication was good, but perhaps someone found themselves evolving and realizing that the person they have evolved into wants different things in a partner."Not everyone makes their relationship a priority.

If their job, or even their hobbies, take over then their relationship will hold less and less interest for them.

He might meet someone else or initiate the slow fade.

If you find yourself in this cycle with men withdrawing from you, get yourself a free copy of my book, Why Men Lose Interest and daily (almost) email series here.

Do they really want to be with just one person — this person?A few more dates happen and it seems like a monogamous relationship might be on the horizon. He might respond favorably at first, but the more reassurance she needs and the more energy she starts pouring into the relationship, the more he feels the weight of her feelings bearing down on him.As things between them start to deepen, all of the sudden, it occurs to the woman that he might be “The One” (if not with this exact terminology, at that level of seriousness at least). Her hopes and dreams suddenly seem to have led her to THIS moment with THIS guy. Very suddenly, it’s “oh sh*t, this woman REALLY likes me.Sometimes it may be down to something you do, distancing yourself, or hurting the other person, which leads them to zone out of the relationship.But unless they give you a reason why, the important thing is to not be too rash if your partner looses interest.

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