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With new friendships & a budding romance, how will she play this game? When Alex gets injured, she calls in an old friend from the past to help her on her farm for a while. Co-written with Shan O 123Things are not well in the Sunshine Islands.

And will the people of the islands ever realize her secret? But with no experience working on a farm before, will this friend be able to handle it? Lovers fight, cheaters love, and sometime the heart doesn't know what it wants.

[Camx Reina, sequel to Dandelion]This is just great. The three little goddesses mess up big time on a spell and cause the lovers of the person at the crossroads to meet them...

All I wanted a chance to prove that I could be independent, but now I have to go to some run down town, where everyone thinks I am a boy and play along with the lie. If farming and acting as a boy wasn't enough, the mayor has some insane idea that I can help the village reclaim its former glory. But they end up getting about a dozen more than they expected, and all from different dimensions!

Sequel to These Things I Will Never Say Annie had been bounced around foster care her whole life, and yes, she does know she has the same name as another more famous orphan but thanks you for pointing it out anyway. Friends don't exist, but living in solitude is barely a setback for her success.

With the promise of a fresh start, she begins her life in Oak Tree Town as a farmer. (Neilx Elise)Raeger and Annie had been dating for a few years, and Raeger wanted to do something special for Christmas. But when her siblings lose the family farm, Chelsea has to take them in. Vaughn x Chelsea (features the following from other games: Mark, Molly, Angela, Jack, Claire, Pony and Annie). A wolf that reminds her of the grumpy animal seller?

However, this puppet was so much more different than the others. He would never ask for help, never bugged his single mother or grandfather. When her life-long crush Akito makes a sudden return to Bluebell as well, old feelings get stirred up for her. Phillip and twin sister Lillian are forced to fight for opposite sides in the war that divided a mountain. The feeling grows stronger with each passing spring.A/U Mostly a lot of fluffiness and zaniness with moments of sexiness thrown together. Although the story starts with Annie, there will be more characters added soon.A guarded young woman escapes a loveless home and learns how to love herself while building a farm from the ground up.He couldn't really call the other a puppet anymore, soon. As new romances enter the picture, though, yesterday's possibilities threaten to stay in the past. Who will help them unite the broken paradise that despite everything, they've come to love and believe in? / As a young man, Kamil lost the woman he loved to someone else as a result of waiting too long. When she meets Kyouya, the Dark Prince, she doesn't know if she should trust him.Now he's afraid of losing somebody else he used to be close with. Kyouya had only seen the sun once but wanted a way to bring back the sun to his people.

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