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They will say, “aren’t they required to at least write me up or warn me or suspend me or something before they can fire me?

Vaporizing cannabis eliminates the harsh smoke on the lungs while still allowing the user to get the instant effects of smoked cannabis. The Effects Are Instant Many people prefer to smoke marijuana because the beneficial compounds found in smoked whole-plant cannabis enter the body much quicker, providing faster relief for medical users than tinctures, oils and edibles.

So, one day you show up at work wearing a fish tie, and your boss fires you for dressing inappropriately.

You of course are outraged, because you have received nothing but compliments regarding your fish tie, and your employer never told you about any anti-fish tie policy.

Assuming the wearing of such ties is not required by your religious beliefs, your only possible cause of action is for breach of the employment contract.

Therefore, you and your attorney must first determine what are the terms of your contract regarding termination.

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