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Alexandria Department of Community and Human Services 04/24/2018 Trial court did not err in terminating appellants parental rights to his child 0947171 James Antonio Fuller v.Commonwealth of Virginia 04/24/2018 No error in trial courts finding that evidence was sufficient to prove appellant failed to provide his identifying information to the woman whose vehicle he hit; any error by trial court in refusing to admit impeachment evidence of appellants former attorney harmless 1671161 Stephen D. Commonwealth of Virginia 04/24/2018 Trial court did not abuse its discretion in refusing to allow appellants witness to testify as an expert or in denying appellants motion for a mistrial based on juror contact with a courtroom observer 1852174 Anita Shana-Nicole Simms v.Commonwealth of Virginia 04/10/2018 Trial court did not abuse its discretion in admitting evidence where the evidence provided relevant, material insight into elements of the charged offenses and established a common scheme, plan or design and trial court undertook a review to balance the probative value against the prejudicial effect 0914172 Keith Wayne Alvis v. Commonwealth of Virginia 04/10/2018 No error in finding that evidence was sufficient to prove a breaking occurred 1353173 Christina Lynn Stewart v. Foster 04/10/2018 Commission erred in awarding benefits for injuries resulting from a vasovagal syncopal episode where no credible evidence exists in the record to support a finding that appellees injuries were caused by a non-physical or emotional factor 1492172 Patrick Mc Garrity v.Harrisonburg Rockingham Social Services District 04/10/2018 Trial court did not abuse its discretion in denying appellants motion for a continuance and finding appellant failed to prosecute her appeal from the juvenile and domestic relations district court; appellant has not shown she was prejudiced by the trial courts denial of her motion for a continuance 1479173 Lynchburg General Hospital and Sentry Insurance Co. Emily Mc Garrity 04/10/2018 Judgment of trial court valuing and distributing the parties Barrios 401(k) plan affirmed 1020172 John Elmore Gibbs v.Commonwealth of Virginia 04/24/2018 Trial court did not err in denying appellants motion to dismiss where a stillborn fetus falls within the applicable statutory definition of a dead body; appellants conviction for concealing a dead body affirmed 0560172 John Carpenter v.

Antonio Jermaine Spencer 05/01/2018 Trial court erred in granting the motion to suppress the firearm that was discovered as a result of a search of appellees person where appellee was not seized for Fourth Amendment purposes until after discovery of the marijuana and appellees actions constituted consent for the officer to open the pill bottle containing the marijuana 1840172 Commonwealth of Virginia v.Silent Auction bidding opens January 19 ahead of the Gala on January 27!We are honored to present the fifth annual Virginia Excellence in Theatre Award to Meredith Stanley Scott On stage and off, few Richmond theatre leaders have worked longer, harder, and with greater success than Meredith Stanley Scott. Commonwealth of Virginia 04/17/2018 Appellants argument barred by Rule 5A:18 where appellant failed to object to the prosecutors statements at sentencing and failed to request a cautionary instruction or move for a mistrial; appellant failed to meet his burden of proof to apply ends of justice exception 0535172 Nathan Lee Shanklin v.Commonwealth of Virginia 04/17/2018 Appellants argument that the trial court erred by imposing a waiver of his Fourth Amendment rights as a condition of his supervised probation barred by Rule 5A:18; appellant is not entitled to the ends-of-justice exception to excuse his failure to register a contemporaneous objection 0826172 Thomas Sydney Turner v. Thomas 04/17/2018 Trial court erred in sustaining appellees demurrer where appellants complaint sufficiently alleged that appellee ended their matrimonial cohabitation with the intent to desert and appellant did not need to allege facts showing his lack of consent to the desertion 1459174 Heidi Maikai Scalzott v.

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